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Western Haikus

Kylie’s “Western” Haikus


Here Goes

Recently finished Kerouac’s BOOK OF HAIKUS[1] and thought I’d try my hand. My first couple were shit-tay. This is the first one I don’t feel too self-conscious about sharing:

Wine & takeout, NPR on — Inner conflict:
Recyclable container needs rinsed… But
Too lazy so trash bin it goes (sorry!)

[–]McKeon09876     hey K you read The Haiku Year[2]? its written by the REM baldy and i think Wilco too maybe i dunno.        

[–]WhatInTheActualKylie   Just ordered thanks for the rec!               

[–]McKeon09876   shocked you never heard of it since you’re all about haikus now and also dad rock.       

[–]WhatInTheActualKylie         hey. don’t knock dad rock! btw loveLOVElove this one:

Suspicious parents–
I’m just smiling at your kid
Fuck this shitty world

[–]Juniper_Jams         isn’t it supposed to be like 7 syllables or some shiz?        

[–]WhatInTheActualKylie         These are Western Haikus. Freeform 3-line pops that aren’t restricted by syllables or meter.
Love them because when done right they are like these beautiful little snapshots. Not as easy as it looks!!

Predatory Wasp Is Out to Get Us![3]

Yellowjacket lands on my arm!
Alexa, play for my fav Sufjan song


I’ve Got Caps and Scarves and Sweaters[4]

That spring when the snow melted
We saw all the cigarette butts and I asked: Which ones are ours?
Will said, “All the white ones.”


Silly Love Songs

He eats takeout
Straight from the box
But refuses to use a plastic fork.


The Ants Go Marching One By One, Hurrah

Trail of ants………..
Is it trail or train? I wonder
As I douse them with Black Flag


The Gloaming[5]

It’s a new dawn and a new day [6]
The Hope that it brings
Lasts until the coffee runs out.



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Fraggle Rock


And when I asked accounting about it, they said that’s the policy now and refused to pay me in dollars. This can’t be legal…


[–]adrockgurl permalink

I don’t know what your so mad about. The dollar is in the toilet and Ecoin is much stronger. I mean if you like having less money, sure, I get why you’d be so cheesed. But E Corp is actually doing you and all of us a favor by converting our salaries to Ecoin.


[–]joe_just_joe permalink

I just don’t like being forced into using their made up currency. I didn’t even have Ecoin.


[–]blazefire_44 permalink

lol. how did you not have ecoin yet?? what rock are you living under that still accepts cash?


[–]hifi0110 permalink

fraggle rock?

(Fraggle Rock Intro (1984))


[–]RikkiTikkiToffee permalink

love it.


[–]RikkiTikkiToffee permalink

how did you miss the announcement? there’s been notices in with our paychecks for weeks now…



I have direct deposit w/ BoE and rarely open the paystub… permalink


[–]RikkiTikkiToffee permalink

Proof it’s Real!



Everyone is Now Dumber

Get On Your Feet

Black Hole Sun





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