Firefox Quantum commercial

A 30-second Firefox commercial made exclusively for USA network.

To Neil on his 75th Birthday

Van Ecks and Kolakoski Sequences are explained in terms I can understand! Check out this stellar interview of Neil Sloane by Alex Bellos in ...[Read More]

DA_remote Archive audio

Hello? No no no no please don't speak. I have allotted only on minute and 37 seconds for this conversation, but congratulations on finding t...[Read More]

Stills from shutdown

A closer look at episode 310.

Stage3 Transcript

**episode 309 – stage3** Ep 309 – stage3

decoding urls


fsociety on Vox

Original pdf file viewed in episode and found on

Hidden message on Red-wheelbarrow news

+++ ATDT 0118 999 881 999 119 725 A voice *can* just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out- next time we will play fair, even if ...[Read More]

fsoc desktop on

fsoc portal on Desktop faa-fti-nocc-artcc.png nems-current-deployment-status.png faa-swim-sfdps-architecture.png nems-integ...[Read More]

fsociety video 302

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