Let’s play 20 questions.

1. Have you ever cried during sex?

2. Have you ever fantasized about murdering your father?

3. Are you a giraffe or a seagull?

4. What age were you when you realized that you are alone?

5. Are you proud or ashamed?

6. Have you ever killed a living thing?

7. Without looking, what time do you think it is?

8. Where do we go when we die?

9. How many lies have you told today?

10. Are the petals in the basket?

11. Vegetable, animal, or mineral?

12. How does the dream end?

13. Is there enough time?

14. What are you made of?

15. Which door?

16. Have you ever enjoyed hurting someone?

17. Where is God?

18. Do you believe in alternate universes?

19. Are you red or purple?

20. Is the key in the room?



Mr. Robot (S02E11)

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