Fraggle Rock video linked by hifi0110 on r/inside_e_corp


And when I asked accounting about it, they said that’s the policy now and refused to pay me in dollars. This can’t be legal…


[–]adrockgurl permalink

I don’t know what your so mad about. The dollar is in the toilet and Ecoin is much stronger. I mean if you like having less money, sure, I get why you’d be so cheesed. But E Corp is actually doing you and all of us a favor by converting our salaries to Ecoin.


[–]joe_just_joe permalink

I just don’t like being forced into using their made up currency. I didn’t even have Ecoin.


[–]blazefire_44 permalink

lol. how did you not have ecoin yet?? what rock are you living under that still accepts cash?


[–]hifi0110 permalink

fraggle rock?

(Fraggle Rock Intro (1984))


[–]RikkiTikkiToffee permalink

love it.


[–]RikkiTikkiToffee permalink

how did you miss the announcement? there’s been notices in with our paychecks for weeks now…



I have direct deposit w/ BoE and rarely open the paystub… permalink


[–]RikkiTikkiToffee permalink

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