Sorry for the “crappy vid“, shot on my iPhone and its all blurry cuz I was scared AF!!!
(Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up)


Our entire perception of reality is all but a simulation. Everything we see and know and touch and feel is an illusion. All facets of your life is nothing more than a digital construct in some future civilization’s computer simulation. You are basically a more boring (albeit high-res) version of The Sims. Or, if you want to get real trippy about it… As our future in this simulation continues along, we will have developed the computing power to run our own simulations, thus creating a simulation in a simulation. And maybe that’s what we are in all along anyway — a simulation of someone who has no idea that they themselves are in a simulation. And your “mystery spots” can be explained away by a lack of processing power in the computer that is running our simulation — either in the top level sim or the sim within the sim — or perhaps even corrupt bits of code.

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“Order of Sorcery” according to Baudrillard.



Used to work there as a guide in the summers when I was in College and there was totes some hinky biz at play the further in you went. Like an electrical field or something… hair on the back of your neck would stand up straight. Can’t run lighting in that section because of the weirdness so it’s all dark and creepy — even more than it normally is…haha. Fried two ipod shuffles one summer going down there (still pissed about that y’all!). If ur ever in the area and visit the caverns, slip your guide some $$$ and maybe they’ll take you down there (but leave your phones behind, trust me!)

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riiiight. respeck the hustle tho



Boldly go where no man has gone before” (

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nicely played.



This is supposed to be serious and I don’t have time to mod all your bs. Don’t ruin this for the rest of us.



(Nelson – ha ha)



I just heard about the theory that gravitational waves could be leaking in from parallel universe, and affecting our universe… maybe that’s what’s causing these mystery spots. Some scientists theorize that gravitational leaks might explain dark matter, and the idea that two parallel universes overlapping on each other might cause gravitational aberrations: ie. mystery spots! Crazy, right?

it’s possible that the mulitverse is held together by fixed points and that the mystery spots are the gridded points holding it all together. if there’s alternate realities out there with versions of all of us in the multiverse, our lives playing out in different ways… but there’s these fixed points — places that are all weird and f-ed up across the multiverse. constants in a sea of variables.

sure i mean anythings possible i guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

dark matter…? ELI5 pls.

boils down to we know there is some matter we can’t see (some particles yet unknown us) but even though we haven’t observed dark matter, we know its there because of its gravity. https://

was going to create a new post but there’s a secret particle collider in NJ and i’ve heard tail of some animatrix shit going on there.

uh… don’t see anything in NJ on this list. did you mean the one in NY?
List of accelerators in particle physics
A list of particle accelerators used for particle physics experiments. Some early particle accelerators that more properly did nuclear physics, but existed prior to the separation of particle physics from that field, are also included. Although a modern accelerator complex usually has several stages of accelerators, only accelerators whose output has been used directly for experiments are listed.

def NJ. i said it was secret… as in not on wikipedia. duh. my cuz works there. only way i even know about it is he got HAMMMMMERED day after the blackout hit and spilled his guts (in more ways than one. dude can’t handle his liquor).

def a hadron collider. my cuz is an egghead science nerd and super smart. i believe him. even drunk as he was he made me pull out the battery and sim card of my phone before he started talking about the place. something going on there has him a paranoid android… can’t get more specific right now. says there’s a real gestapo vibe about the place. says ppl go missing all the time.

hey bro, where’d you go? would LOVE to hear how you explain the fact there’s not a trace of evidence online to back any of this up… but that’s what i thought, someone calls you out and you logoff like a little bitch.

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You mean, you’ll put down your rock and I’ll put down my sword, and we’ll try and kill each other like civilized people? For the 264th time there’s no need to argue, zeesh…where’s the love? 😡 Going incognito now. :E

maybe the gestapo got him!


uh-huh. GTFO.

calling bullshit on this. only thing i could find that’s even REMOTELY close to this in NJ is an E Corp power plant that gave a bunch of people lukemia in the 90s. BFD.

lol ok

whoa thats what they are doing with a particle collider? looking for dark matter? cool.



Went on a camping expedition in the Boundary Waters, departed from Ely, MN… after a few days of canoeing and portaging off the beaten path, found a spot where my compass wigged out. Dial was all over the place. Magnetic field had to have been off right in that spot. Even my GPS was off. Quickly moved along and everything went back to normal. It was in the open water so I couldn’t find it again even if I wanted to. But it was a bizarre experience.



To build a list of LEGIT mystery spots, we need people to share their experiences. But before they can do that, we need to get the word out so they know where to find us. Help me get the word out! Please share across platforms and help drive some traffic this way!!

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thanks for linking to this sub. got a good laugh out it. def gonna share it far and wide!!

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ha dude just opened pandoras box. trollapalloza!



The tourist destination is actually based off a REAL place in Oregon where the gravitational pull is at an angle. The government built the skewed buildings for what is now the so-called tourist trap because word was already out about the vortex, so the “tourist trap” became cover for the REAL site, which is now under US Gov control. It’s not just some wonky gravity. It’s a portal between other vortexes on earth, teleporting from here to where ever — all under control of the Military of course!!! The REAL vortex is located where the Boardman Naval Bombing Range sits. Clearly “Perception Management” going on here — a classic US Military disinformation tactic. One discredits the idea of the vortex with it’s cheesy slanted structures. The military facility dissuades looky-loos from investigating for fear of getting “blown to bits”. The US Gov has been doing tests at vortexes like these for years now but no one will acknowledge that they’re sending troops through the vortex to god knows where!!! And who knows what they’ll unleash.



“Everyone Is Now Dumber” – Billy Madison



swear to god there’s something weird going on here. used to live in SD and whenever I’d exit the highway here, at the bottom of the ramp if I put my car in neutral, I could feel it getting pulled BACK UP THE RAMP. just a few feet, but still. def freaky weird.

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If I’m ever down that way I’ll definitely check that out! Thanks for posting!!



Here’s another one I heard about: the locals in this one Chilean village tell “ghost stories” about the nearby Lithium mine. Weird shit like people getting trapped in rock formations, melting into the ground. Said they dug the mine too deep…..

One day I hope to save up enough for a trip to check it out for myself. But maybe someone else heard about this / can confirm?



When I was a kid we’d horse around in the woods behind our neighborhood… swing on vines across little ravines, making forts out of a copse of trees. This one time I distinctly remember my dad rented Commando for us (I can still see the cassette tape in my mind) and then me and my older brother dressed up in camo gear and took our GI Joes and walkie talkies out to the woods. Bill was crossing a ditch over a log and he lost balance and fell… but instead of falling down to the ground in the ditch, he went sideways to the embankment. Like some gravitational slide. We spent the afternoon jumping off the log and landing on the slope of the ditch unharmed. We had to have done it hundreds of times until it got dark and was time to go home for dinner. I clearly remember that.

The next day we went back and Bill insisted he go first because he was the oldest. It didn’t work anymore. That’s how he broke his ankle.

I know what I remember is real, even if my brother disavows it now — says its impossible and must have been one of my stories that always got him into trouble. Not me, though. I know what I saw and experienced. Been obsessed with mystery spots ever since.

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