At roughly 12:33 into Kernel Panic, Ray sits alone eating breakfast while hooked up to an NxStage Dialysis System One (and if you were wondering, it’s specifically used to treat patients with END STAGE renal diseases.)

Here’s a closeup of the control panel in two different frames:


As you can see, the panel has four displays, one green on top of three red.

Over the course of the scene, the red LEDs do not change (granted, many shots of the panel exclude them), but the green alphanumeric display does.

here’s a log of the changes in chronological order:



It does appear that the 99:59 is related to time and not codes or amounts (in liters or ml) since it is the only one with a colon. I thought that E.230 might be an error code but the only manual of the machine I could find resulted in malware on my Mac before I opened it so lost interest.  Next I will look at playing with hex conversions of the various numbers. Note that the hex symbol in the top images are ‘on’ (small light).

In between the 4 dialysis machine images are a shot of Ray’s pills which are the subject of a separate post.



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