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r/ZenArtofAutoDetailing by EnnuiOtter HOW TO REMOVE WATER SPOTS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PERSPECTIVE Water spots. Hard water — especially from sprinklers — leaves mineral deposits on your pai...[Read More]


The entire contents of r/TheElectricSlide by WhatInTheActualKylie with comments by: Juniper_Jams “Jess” friend of WhatInTheActualKylie  – doesn’t know about Gloria Estefan? “She is TIMELESS.” Mc...[Read More]


[VIDEO] [NSFL] PROOF ITS REAL!!!! Sorry for the “crappy vid“, shot on my iPhone and its all blurry cuz I was scared AF!!! (Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up) IT’S ALL A SIMULATION Our ...[Read More]


r/Inside E Corp Posts HR LURKING… YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. ??? Heads up: HR is monitoring this sub. Don’t give anyway information that could be used to ID you. [–]chillin_chinchilla permalink did you...[Read More]

ARGSociety 301 Megathread

S3E1 Megathread from ARGsociety Comment from discussion S3E1 Megathread.

Connecting the subreddits

Observations about the in-show subreddits.

Theories on the Subreddits Arg

Great thoughts from ARGSociety: list of names and their respective accounts (subreddit puzzle) from ARGsociety


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